Recomputed ERS-1/2 orbits (ODR)

ODR format

ERS-1 (August 1991 - June 1996)
ERS-2 (May 1995 - July 2011)

SP3 format

ERS-1 (August 1991 - June 1996)
ERS-2 (May 1995 - June 2003)
ERS-2 (July 2003 - July 2011)

Quality information ERS-1
Quality information ERS-2

Arclist for ERS-1
Arclist for ERS-2

The quality information contains the daily RMS of fit values for altimeter crossover observations. A high value (typically above 10 cm, although for ERS-1 the RMS of fit is generally higher for the first years of its mission) indicates that the orbit solution for that day, given as year(YY)month(MM)day(DD), might have a degraded precision. This quality information is not available for all days due to gaps in the altimeter time series.

The ERS-2 orbit solutions starting at 1 July 2003 are the results of an automated process: no reprocessing has been done (yet) in case of bad altimeter crossover and/or SLR tracking data fit.

Please note that part of the orbit solutions provided through this web site were produced in the framework of the REAPER (REprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS) project, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). Please acknowledge the chair of Astrodynamics and Space Missions for providing these solutions and the ESA/REAPER project for providing financial support when presenting/publishing results relying on these orbit solutions.

Latest update: 17 August 2011

REAPER test version (SP3 format + formal errors)

ERS-1 (Full mission)
ERS-2 (Full mission)

Latest update: 7 October 2019