ERS-1 Mission Phase F

Mission objectives during the Geodetic Phase

The mission objectives of Phase F are the following:
  1. The first priority is to provide to the user community continuous and global RA measurement. The geodetic phase is basically a Radaraltimetric mission.
  2. The secondary objective for the RA mission, is to cover at least once 100% of the Ocean and Ice zones. This is only possible if 2 complete cycles are performed.
  3. SAR and SCATT mission will continue nominally.
  4. In case of problems on board (e.g. Payload switchoff...) the priority shall be given to the RA recovery.

Phase F parameters

Phase F parameters

Orbit number characteristics

Orbit parameters

Formulas from Relative (track) to Absolute Orbit Numbers

ABS_ORB_NUM = REL_ORB_NUM + (CYCLE_NUM-141)*2411 + 14390

CYCLE_NUM = INT( ( ABS_ORB_NUM - 14391)/2411 ) + 141

REL_ORB_NUM= ABS_ORB_NUM - 14390 -(CYCLE_NUM-141) *2411


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