ERS-1 Experimental Roll Tilt Mode Campaign


During the Experimental roll tilt mode campaign, the satellite body was rotated by 9.5 degrees allowing operation of the SAR imaging mode at an incidence angle of 35 degrees. The attitude control system performances of the roll tilt mode are not significantly different from the YSM, with the same angular rates and harmonic and random errors and only slightly different static errors, i.e. about 0.05 degrees of maximum difference. During the roll tilt sequence the satellite is in a Fine Pointing Mode (FPM), which features no yaw steering and Earth centroid pointing, rather than geometric pointing.
For this operational mode there are some constraints. Some of them are summarized hereafter; they show that this mode cannot be used regularly over the mission but rather for a limited number of experimental campaigns.

Roll Tilt Mode parameters

Roll Tilt Mode parameters

Orbit number characteristics

Orbit parameters

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