Download ERS-2 preliminary (DGM-E04) orbits

Preliminary orbits are available until [an error occurred while processing this directive].
The orbits will be augmented approximately every month on both the NOAA and DEOS ftp sites.

DEOS preliminary ERS-2 orbits are based on the DGM-E04 gravity field model and SLR and OPR1 altimeter crossovers and normal points. Because of the short delay of the availability of OPR1 data these orbits are available a few weeks after the end of each repeat cycle.

The orbits can be downloaded from the DEOS or NOAA ftp servers. The orbits are stored as separate ODR files. Downloading of these files by normal FTP is more practical if you experience bad connections.

Please acknowledge the fact that you have been using the orbits of the Delft Institute for Earth-Oriented Space Research in any publication that is the result of it.
You may cite R. Scharroo and P. N. A. M. Visser, Precise orbit determination and gravity field improvement for the ERS satellites, J. Geophys. Res., 103, C4, 8113-8127, 1998.

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