ERS and Envisat Precise Orbit Determination: Tools and Software

Last update: 13 Aug 2004
The orbits provided by DUT/DEOS are stored in a binary format. This reduces the file size and speeds up the loading of the file for processing. Unfortunately, if makes the files less accessible to read.

To make life easier, we provide several utilities, in a software package and as on-line utilities.

Software package

Getorb package
This package contains several utilities to handle the Delft orbit files. Programs to list, interpolate the orbits, and do date conversions. A subroutine is available to incorporate the interpolated orbits into your own software.

On-line utilities

Getorb utility
On-line request for the position of ERS-1 and ERS-2 for any given period. Specify start time, step size, and period. Interpolated position are return, in geodetic and/or geocentric coordinates.
Convdate utility
The orbits are time tagged in SEC85 (seconds after 1.0 January 1985, a Geosat GDR heritage). Convert between YYMMDD, MJD and SEC85 with this on-line tool.

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