ERS Precise Orbit Determination: Software

Last update: 5 Dec 2008

GETORB software package

The software package getorb_2.3.2.tar.gz, contains programs to handle the orbital data records (ODRs). You can also insert the subroutine getorb into your own software to interpolate the orbits on the fly.

Read more about the software and its installation in the README file..


getorb/index.html 25-Nov-2008 12 kB README file for getorb_2.3.2.tar.gz
getorb_2.3.2.tar.gz 25-Nov-2008 32 kB getorb package (Unix Source)

A previous Win32 version was kindly provided by Charles L. Werner of Gamma Remote Sensing AG, Gümligen, Switzerland. However, he reported several problems with the executable and suggests to compile the Unix source instead under Cygwin ( According to Charles, the source compiles and runs well using the gcc and g77 compilers available from Cygwin.

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