[RADS] Building RADS software

Remko Scharroo remko at altimetrics.com
Thu May 8 19:55:49 CEST 2008

For your edification, I'm forwarding a reply to Ken Fairchild at UNH  
who had some problems compiling RADS on Linux.

Hi Ken,

I'm actually developing the RADS on Mac.
I know the problem with -fno-second-underscore. I'll have to trace  
down my steps, but I think it in the end depended on how the rest is  
compiled. And which compiler.
If I remember well, you need -fno-second-underscore when using g77,  
but not when using gfortran (for which it is standard).

I can not imagine that anything compiled on Linux, runs on Macs.

What I suggest you do for your Linux machines: use "gfortran" instead  
of other compilers for fortran. You'll have to recompile netCDF 3.6.2  
with gfortran to properly link with RADS if you do.

For Macs: Use Fink (finkproject.org). Install the netcdf package from  
Fink as well.
For non-intel Macs set HOSTTYPE=powermac_gfortran, which makes the  
RADS make process look in src/include/$HOSSTYPE to find the correct  
flags and so on.
You can create similar files for intel macs.

Soon I'll make a configure script to do this more efficiently.


On 8 May 2008, at 11:58, fair-play at comcast.net wrote:

> Remko,
> I work with Hui Feng and Doug Vandemark at UNH.  I rebuilt the RADS  
> software last night.  The make didn't complete but it looks like the  
> utilities Hui needs at the moment did build.  I was wondering if you  
> might have more complete build instructions.
> I built netCDF 3.6.2 using the defaults (so no separate Fortran  
> libraries).  I had to specify FFLAGS=-fno-second-underscore when I  
> built the RADS software to get everything to link.  The make failed  
> in the utils part of the build.  It appears to be because of  
> radsstat.f90 not being compiled.  Perhaps the F90 programs are not  
> integrated into the build yet?
> I was also wondering if you have any experience running the software  
> on Macs.   Some people have recent (Intel-based) Macs and I was  
> wondering if you happen to know if the software as built for Linux  
> might just run on those Macs or if I'll have to do a separate build  
> for Macs.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ken

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