[RADS] Payback time

Marc Naeije m.c.naeije at tudelft.nl
Wed Oct 1 12:32:51 CEST 2008

A subject just to get your attention: don't be scared ...

I am in the process of compiling a report on RADS which has to be  
submitted to one of our funding agencies. The only thing i like to  
know from all the RADS users is what they actually do with RADS and  
whether they are satisfied or see room for improvement. So basically,  
i'd like yo all to write 1 a4 with your RADS related activities, maybe  
one or two nice examples of results (graph, image, table), and a list  
with all relevant RADS related publications. This should take no more  
than 2 hours at most of your precious time. And of course you all will  
be acknowledged properly and get a copy of the final document (pdf).  
Also your text will be relayed to the RADS Architect (Remko) who can  
take your remarks under consideration. I dare to ask you this because  
we all enjoy this fabulous service provided by RADS.

Thanks in advance,


PS: please do this a.s.a.p, so you don't forget it. I expect  
compilation somewhere half way next week ... and a draft version of  
the report before 15 October.

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