[RADS] J1/J2 updates

Remko Scharroo remko at altimetrics.com
Tue Oct 28 00:42:29 CET 2008

Here is the info about some minor updates to the J1 and J2 data.

** MOG2D in J1 IGDRs **

I had not realised that since the introduction of J1 (I)GDR version C,  
the MOG2D, previously absent on the IGDRs, is now present. Like J2  
this is based on a high-resolution grid, different from those I'm  
interpolating from off-line.

Previously the MOG2D was copied from the GDRs, and interpolated from  
the off-line grids in case of IGDRs. Now it is also copied from the  

Hence, I reprocessed cycles 241-250 that are based on IGDRs.

** New J1 version C data **

Last weekend I redid cycles 208-240 for which there are now GDRs  
version C. For this period I now supply ALL data records, also those  
with no valid range (previously cast away). This is to help coastal  
research, but should have no effect on any SLA data sets, since RADS  
will automatically ignore the records with no valid range.

Cycles 198-207, for which GDRs version C have just become available,  
are also being processed.

** MOG2D on J2 **

In the version of the J2 data put on-line last Friday, I accidentally  
subtracted, in stead of added, the MOG2D high-frequency component to  
the IB correction. I fixed the bug and reprocessed cycles 0-11 that  
are currently available.

These patches will make it to the Delft server early Tuesday morning  


Western Europe moved into standard / winter time last weekend. This  
has no effect on the scheduling of the RADS processing, which runs on  
the GMT clock.
Daily processing of new data starts 18:30 GMT (usually ends about an  
hour later). This includes synchronisation with the Delft server.
Additional synchronisation with the Delft server of data processed  
manually is performed at 2:00 GMT.


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