[RADS] RADS server outtage due to technical problems

Marc Naeije m.c.naeije at tudelft.nl
Wed Jul 29 12:39:43 CEST 2009

Dear RADS users:

For already a couple of days our server is facing some technical  
problems. The real issue however is that most of our technical staff  
is on summer leave, which makes it rather difficult to address this  
promptly. I will be back in the office next monday (3rd of August). I  
expect that access will be restored this day at the latest. Meanwhile  
we try to get somebody else to reboot  the machine, so maybe you will  
have access earlier, but i can not promise. Coming monday i can and  
will promise.

We at Delft are very sorry for this unfortunate situation and we will  
try to install a new server (leaving the old as spare) after the  

Meanwhile i suggest you enjoy YOUR holiday!

Yours truly,

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