[RADS] Jason-2 OGDRs now in RADS

Remko Scharroo Remko.Scharroo at noaa.gov
Tue May 5 17:57:45 CEST 2009

Dear RADS users,

New in RADS ... starting today: the Jason-2 Operational GDRs find  
their way straight to RADS.

The Operational Geophysical Data Records, or OGDRs, are produced  
directly after reception by the various ground stations. For example,  
the last produced OGDR now (5 May 15:43 UTC) in RADS covers data up to  
5 May 11:47 UTC. Generally the delay is between 3 and 6 hours.

Because I'm processing the Jason-2 data only once a day, the delay in  
RADS will still be up to about 1 day. If there is extreme interest in  
the more rapid processing of the OGDRs, let me know.

Note that the OGDRs have a lesser quality than the IGDRs, mainly  
because of the reduced orbit accuracy. The OGDR orbits are based on a  
rapid processing of the DORIS tracking data on-ground in software  
called TRIODE (basically an on-ground version of the DIODE on-orbit  
processing). Orbit errors are generally around 10 cm rms.

You can distinguish the RADS data files originating from the OGDRs by  
the file name in the global attribute "log01" in the netCDF data file.  
OGDRs are indicated by a file name starting with JA2_OPN, IGDRs start  
with JA2_IPN and (final) GDRs start with JA2_GPN.


PS: Just added to RADS as well are the Jason-2 GDR data for cycle 23. 

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