[RADS] Jason-2 AMR coastal upgrade

Remko Scharroo Remko.Scharroo at noaa.gov
Thu May 28 00:39:09 CEST 2009

Dear RADS users,

Those who were at the last OSTST meeting in Nice may remember that  
Shannon Brown announced a novel way to improve the AMR wet  
tropospheric path delay retrieval near the coast. He since developed  
an AMR enhancement product with updates for:
- AMR wet tropospheric correction: improved retrieval near coasts, but  
the same as the GDR values beyond about 25 km from the coast. Is set  
the NaN over land.
- Radiometer land mask: significantly less switched on as on the GDR.  
Is now virtually the same as the altimeter land flag.
- Radiometer rain and ice flags: These are combined in RADS bit flag  
8. Now set more than before, but probably quite rightly so.

There are some periods for which the AMR enhanced products are  
missing. I hope they will be filled in soon. Particularly no AMR  
enhanced products are available since early cycle 32. Those passes are  
not changed from the original.
Users can spot the difference in the name of the field, "AMR enhanced  
wet tropospheric correction" versus "AMR wet tropospheric correction".

The updated Jason-2 data are now available on the Delft Server.


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