[RADS] Enhanced AMR wet tropo correction improved

Remko Scharroo remko at altimetrics.com
Fri Sep 4 19:47:53 CEST 2009

Dear RADS users,

The wet tropospheric correction based on the AMR data (field 801) has  

Earlier I reported some problems with the Enhanced AMR products  
produced by Shannon Brown.
Although intended only to improve the AMR results in coastal regions,  
some of the open ocean data was erroneously affected by software bugs.  
As a consequence, I temporarily moved the Enhanced AMR results out of  
the way (to field 810) and left the original GDR values in place.

Shannon has quickly fixed the bugs, and re-released the data, of which  
the last arrived yesterday morning.
Convinced that the data are now all right, I have eagerly overwritten  
the original GDR values again with the Enhance AMR values. So at  
present, the AMR wet tropospheric correction works right up to the  
coast. As a consequence, the radiometer land flag is now basically the  
same as the altimeter land flag.

In the next few days, Shannon will operationalize the production  
process, so that even the latest IGDR data can be patched with the  
Enhanced AMR products. Currently the latest data was for 24 August.

I'm really grateful to Shannon to provide this excellent product. He's  
mentioned he's working on a similar product for Jason-1 as well.

The new Jason-2 RADS data has been uploaded yesterday to the Delft  

Have a good weekend,

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