[RADS] RADS for Matlab

David.Griffin at csiro.au David.Griffin at csiro.au
Tue Jul 13 04:38:05 CEST 2010

Hello RADS users,

I am a newcomer to RADS and I'd like to discuss my plans with anyone interested before launching into them. We use Matlab for most of our analysis here so I'd rather like to be able to read the RADS .nc files directly into a Matlab session. 

So I'm interested to know if someone has already written a bunch of Matlab routines that mimic GETRAW etc. Or does everyone either 1) use Fortran, or 2) run RADS routines to read the .nc files then write out temporary files (containing eg just time, lat, lon SLA), then read those files into Matlab.


Dr David Griffin, Physical Oceanographer
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. (03) 6232 5244

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