My 1995 Probe 16V Picture Page
My Ford Probe 16V
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I bought the car in October 1999, when it was 4.5 years and had 65000 kilometers on it. The car came standard with the GT 16" rims and wide tires. It was a special Highlight series sold like this in Germany. The Probe 16V standard has disc brakes + ABS at front and rear, power windows and almost all other options. Only options available are an alarm/immobilisation system (I have), metallic paint (I have), a sun/moonroof (I have) and air-conditioning (I don't have, but it ain't too hot where I live!)

Side view. Clear lenses are standard in Europe, and also the extra corner light at the front. Only the GT-mouldings at the bottom are not put on this model. I found some from a 1993 US Probe GT (after 1994, sold as Probe 24V in Eurospec version) that died on the European roads. Smart people can notice that two rims are on the wrong way. But I can't change that now, because I have directional tires. Will do so when I get new tires, so no need to alarm me!

Front look. I already removed the big liscense plate and put on a smaller sticker plate on it soon, as this is allowed by Belgium traffic law.
Click the image above, if you want to see the hood opened, my new lisence plate, and the Eurospec headlights!

The back of the car! The spoiler I added, and also I put on a dual-pipe Laser muffler. That was not an easy task to find a dual-pipe sport exhaust for a Probe 16V! Luckely they do exist for Mazda 626 which is almost identical!
For those interested in the 16V decall: click here to see it enlarged!

My new and old car! My old Escort XR3 (stock came with 1.6L dual Weber carburator - 96HP) is almost 20 years old, but still going strong! I hope the Probe will be able to do the same one day 15 years from now!

Below I have put up new pics, as I have the GT side skirts on now. Got the complete set from an (engine) wrecked GT for US$ 400, including the mid console with cup holder, and a new door handle. 2 panels were slightly damaged, so I fixed them, repainted them and put them on. Had to drill all the holes for attach them, which took quite some time, as you need to drill the right places, about 50 holes in total! And you need to put paint and coating on them, so they don't start to rust immediately! Scary look to see your car with all these holes, but when you fit on the GT skirts, it looks sooow much better!

My new GT side skirts! Not easy, but definately worth it!

I also got the complete stock cruise control for US$ 270 from another wrecked 1993 US Probe GT (I love GT's) and installed it on my car. Requires airbag with switches, control servo and cable, gas pedal (with extra lever for cruise control), control module + mounting plate, vacuum cables (2, one to brake pedal, one to intake manifold), clutch switch and brake pedal dump valve. And I got all the connectors from the GT wiring harness (1 on servo, 2 on module, and 1 for the switches). Only the switch wiring was already in my car, from inside the steering wheel tobelow the steering column. Electrical diagrams I got from Took me 2 days to install, and it worked the first time I tested it! For more info see the topic I wrote about in on here.

A look of the black interior of my car. Original, but with a GT cupholder/console added which you can see better by clicking the image above

Next I got a GT cluster from another wrecked 1994 European spec Probe GT/24V for US$ 85 (complete, and in excellent condition, car had 75k miles upon impact). As I have 225/50 R16 rims/tires, I wanted to get also the GT speedometer. The whole cluster is identical, so you can just plug it in. But you need to replace the tachometer print plate with yours to get the correct RPM reading. GT's are 6 cylinder car, and SE/base's only 4, so the spark plug pulse is translated differently. Not changing the print plate, will show an RPM which is 1.25 times lower. Open the instrument panel, and remove all screws in the back. Then take out all clusters and remove the print plate on the back of the tachometer (3 screws). Put on the one from your cluster. Clean the plate clover and plexiglass, and reassamble the whole thing. Now install in your car, and here you have a GT speedometer/tachometer, that has a higher maximum speed reading, and only redlines at 7000 RPM. Rev limiter still kicks in arround 6500 (real) RPM's, so don't worry. Odometer can be changed to the miles you have on your car. But then you need to take out the mileage cylinder, disassemble and set to desired mileage, and correctly reassemble. This is only a job for highly skilled people...

The GT instrument cluster and original cruise control installed and both working perfectly! Click image for detail!

Read more on about the GT cluster here. Also interesting is the discussion on the Probe topspeed, and how it can vary with the speedometer. Wrote a long story in this topic on Probetalk here. My username is Wim9516V. Enjoy the reading!

So in summary, my car has all possible options, besides AC and stock came with GT rims/wheels. Also I have the GT side skirts, GT instrument cluster, original cruise control, aftermarket keyless entry (no option in Europe, mine does switch on/off the anti-theft correctly), mid console with cup holder, K&N drop in filter, aftermarket spoiler with brake light and double sport muffler. I already have the Bosal headers and Orthodox underdrive pulley which I will install when my car gets its new timing belt later this month (March 2001).

Recent picture of my car. Click on the picture to see only the front with the Eurospec headllights, lenses and side markers!

Good maintenance is very important to keep your Probe running many many years in excellent condition. Mine has 56K miles (90.000 km) now, and no problems besides a locked rear brake caliper and a rattling moonroof when I bought the car. I put on new rear shock absorbers as I though they caused the rattling. That was before I good to know the technical aspects of this car, now I know much better! Further I only did preventive maintenance. Car did not brake down and I already drove 17k miles since I bought it. Only spare parts are way too expensive, but I knew that before I bought the car....

Last but not least, a winter picture of myself and my car. Thanks for visiting our site!

UPDATE: Download the 1997 Mazda 626 Workshop manual (30 MB PDF file) which is very useful for the Probe! Right click here and save target as!

Sorry I am so lazy to update my Probe page! I changed many things since the last update, and the car is still running as new (even beter!) But you can always find me on the Dutch Probe Forum where I am known as Wim9516V! Sometimes I also still drop by at the American Probetalk Forum.