Delft orbit ephemerides ERS-1 and -2

This page can be used to obtain the Delft precise orbit emphemerides (positions) for ERS-1 and -2 for any given period and time step.
This page invokes the program getorb (help) which is part of the getorb distribution.

Output can be selected as latitude, longitude, height, x, y, or z. Geodetic coordinates are given in GRS80 (for more info see getorb) and the time in UTC seconds since 1985. You may use the convdate utility to convert the time tags.
For ERS-1 the fast-delivery orbits are interpolated where the precise orbits are not available.
For ERS-2, the precise, preliminary, or fast-delivery orbits are used.


Enter the start time, the time step between the ephemerides, and the total time interval between the first and last data point.
Either type the input in the text fields, OR select the boxes.
After filling in the form, click the Interpolate button.
  Type or select start time
  (yymmddhhmmss.sss)   year month day hour min sec
t0 OR
  Type or select time step between points
  (sec)   sec
dt OR
  Type or select time interval between first and last point
  (sec)   days hour min sec
period OR
  ERS-1 ERS-2
  time errorflag lat,lon,height x,y,z

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