ERS and Envisat Precise Orbit Determination: Status

Last update: 16 Nov 2000


Precise ERS-1 and ERS-2 orbits are available for the period 30 July 1991 to [an error occurred while processing this directive]. This covers the entire ERS-1 altimeter mission and ERS-2 since launch until July 2003, after the end of the global (LBR) altimetry mission. These orbits are produced with the Delft Gravity Model DGM-E04, an ERS-tailored clone of JGM-3.

New ERS-2 orbits processed with the EIGEN-GRACE01S gravity field and other updated force models are available from 2002 unwards, including SLR-only orbits after June 2003.

Precise Envisat orbits processed with SLR and DORIS data and the EIGEN-GRACE01S gravity field are available since the start of the DORIS data availability.

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